“Digital transformation or DX creates new jobs but needs to be discovered. Our mission is to develop the capacities of teachers and mentors of DX education to keep people inspired towards talents and drivers of digital transformation."

Seels Teachers Academy produced over a thousand Assistant Language Teacher (ALT) now working in public and private schools. At present we have four training classrooms in our Tokyo, Nishiwaseda Campus, an Online Platform with teachers mostly from the Philippines, and teams of IT engineers in Vietnam and India. New course for 2021 is offered to become an Advance Elementary School Teacher Diploma as part of Seels Teachers Academy's continuing professional development among graduates.
The Seels Teachers Academy's Builders of Own School and Support (BOSS) Program develop the capacities of graduates in its bid to start English afterschool programs. Undeterred by the Covid-19 pandemic, the after school program of BOSS schools in Chiba, Fukushima, and Gifu is now marching towards realizing Seels DX international school to offer E-STEAM (English, Science, Technology, Environment, Arts and Math) curriculum. In Haiphong City, Vietnam the Seels Vietnam Montessori Bilingual Preschool has been in operations for almost four years now.
TedX Speaker and Synthetic Phonics Ambassador, Coral George, is Seels Teachers Academy's In-House Trainer who provides online training and in-person visiting advisor to programs and activities of Seels International School branches. The expert behind the International Synthetic Phonics certification and licensing program of Seels Teachers Academy.
SEELS TESOL Lead, Rev. Butch Booth, and the entire SEELS TESOL trainers will guide you through in Seels Work-Based Learning TESOL. WBL TESOL is an educational strategy that provides students with real-life work experiences where they can apply academic and technical skills and develop their employability. Do not collect a paper TESOL certificate but have a Seels WBL TESOL certificate as your gained lifetime knowledge and skills treasure to share with future students.
The Source Code Technology (SCT) Foundation is happy to welcome you to the Facilitator training of The +|- Code School Program. The +|- Code is an in-school and after school program to help students develop their emotional intelligence. Emotions are at the core of relationships, reflections, and life choices to reach success and happiness on all levels.
"Coding and programming are a must for all people to understand and only the technologically inclined will give time to develop the skills. Whether it will be for general understanding or for coding and skills development, having a basic coding and programming course for all helps in building DX education foundation."
No one should be left-out in digital transformation. DX Edu-Tainment or education-entertainment projects and events like DX Storytelling and DX Business English Conversation classes will help to create new revenues for restaurant and bar owners and Filipino entertainers. Digital Transformation Playbook of Professor David L. Rogers with Nihongo translation by Eiichi Kasahara serves as the official reference textbook for DX Storytelling and DX Business English Conversation sessions. Public education on DX enabling technologies i.e. AI, Machine Learning, Blockchain and others will also be served in Community DX Business Schools.
At BOSS you will be equipped with practical skills and knowledge in setting up your own type of English school program. Either the after school Seels Montessori English Phonics School program, three-hour a day Montessori Juku program and up to owning and managing owned Seels Montessori international preschool, where all programs are in high international quality standard.