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Acquire Bilingual Mastery through Content Language Integrated Learning (CLIL): Elevate cognitive and linguistic skills with our immersive CLIL curriculum, striking a balance between intellectual development and profound language appreciation. Highlighted CLIL Training Courses:

EQ & English Proficiency (Ages 7+): Tailored for children aged 7 and beyond, this curriculum prioritizes emotional intelligence and sharpens English communication capabilities. In collaboration with the Source Code Foundation of Switzerland, we incorporate CLIL into the Plus-Minus Code student manual, ensuring comprehensive EQ and English language development. [ Download Syllabus ]

Young Coders Initiative: Ignite your child's tech passion with SVG Coding, crafted for kids as young as 5. [ Download Syllabus ]

Advanced SVG Coding with Storytelling: Dive into intricate coding paradigms, leading to captivating projects that seamlessly integrate technology and creativity. [ Download Syllabus ]

Jolly Phonics: Unlock the Magic of Reading and Writing! Develop early reading and writing skills, preparing for six-year Jolly Grammar teaching and learning. [ Register for the upcoming training ]

Abacus: Embark on a captivating journey into mental math enriched by CLIL. Enhance math abilities, language proficiency, concentration, and problem-solving skills. Discover the ancient art of calculation with the modern edge of the abacus, all while mastering English. [ Download Syllabus ]

Teaching Python through CLIL: Immerse students in coding and programming while enhancing their English skills. Equip them with technical and linguistic proficiency for a confident, fluent future in the digital world. [ Download Syllabus ]

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At Seels Smart City Juku, we're dedicated to empowering individuals not only to adapt to but also to excel in the smart cities of the future. Our mission is to equip learners of all ages with the skills, knowledge, and mindset needed for success in a smart city environment. We're committed to nurturing a community of lifelong learners who are digitally adept, adaptable, and well-prepared for a technology-driven world. Through innovative teaching methods, our goal is to inspire individuals to become leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators in the smart cities of tomorrow.