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SEELS Montessori E-STEAM Education

Integrated English, Science, Technology, Environment, Arts and Math for Digital Generation.


Japan's Society 5.0 Finest Teachers

Japan is entering into a digital transformation labeled as Society 5.0. It necessitates a corresponding education foundation for young learners to live in digital society. A celebration indeed wherein the nation is overcoming challenges like shortage of hoikuen and youchien and limits of expensive private international preschools.

Within the fabric of our society is the presence of children of foreign migrants facing assimilation issues and concerns due to language and cultural barriers. And on top of these concerns is the lack of economic leverage and alternative jobs for foreigners living in Japan, especially those living in a foreign-Japanese family setup.

Society 5.0 is expected to be a joyful learning. It is a continuing discovery benefitting old and new generations. A journey wherein the traditional and newly emerged technological values met within children's joyous learning experiences. It is in these pathways where the Seels Teachers Academy is purifying and minting mentors to guide, lead and be active participants in building our common digital future.

  • World Class Training
  • Decade of Experience
  • Job Placement
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Global Partnership

English Language, Math, Science and Digital Arts Best Primed Teachers

Teachers of Seels Teachers Academy are ready to help build children education foundations in English language, Math, Science and Digital Arts. Their immediate goal is to supplement the elementary grade students' education needs in taking the mandatory English Language and Computer Coding and Programming. In the longer term is to build teachers' capacities and preparedness in teaching and operating Seels International School, an alternative to inaccessible international preschool and international elementary school.

Teachers Skills and Proficiencies

Seels International Elementry School Teachers Education Foundation Drivers


SEELS Vision

Advancement of people’ first centered technology and English teaching access to success.


SEELS Mission

Foreign migrants' social inclusion access to an end-to-end touch point from training to employment success in English language education, childcare services, and Japanese Generation Z education.