With heartfelt gratitude to the organizers, we've seamlessly integrated these video links into the Breakout Presentation at the esteemed 29th International Montessori Congress, hosted by the Association of Montessori Internationale in Bangkok from August 2-5, 2023. Through this presentation, meticulously crafted around the foundation of Montessori's three planes of development, we illuminate the remarkable resonance between Dr. Maria Montessori's timeless principles and the realm of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

First Plane of Development

In the first plane of development (birth to six years), children's absorbent minds lead them on a journey of discovery, immersing them in their surroundings.

Second Plane of Development

Transitioning into the second plane of development (ages six to twelve), children enter a period marked by expanding horizons and a thirst for knowledge. Dr. Maria Montessori recognized the unique characteristics of this phase, and our Montessori approach is finely tuned to foster their growth.

Third Plane of Development

In the third plane of development (ages twelve to eighteen), adolescents undergo profound transformation, preparing for adulthood. Guided by Dr. Maria Montessori's insights, our approach fosters Identity & Exploration, Intellectual Curiosity, Social Engagement, Practical Skills, Global Awareness, Leadership & Responsibility.

Montessori Smart City Academy

It is steadfast in fusing Montessori pedagogy with advanced digital education. We aspire to train and license educators adept at integrating digital literacy into the Montessori method, thereby curating a curriculum that keeps pace with the swiftly evolving digital landscape.