English is the official communication language of digital transformation (DX) with new global business and management concepts and terminologies. Having proper understanding on correct practices, economic, political, cultural, and social issues is so important that all could be learned from the Digital Transformation (DX) Playbook authored by Professor David L. Rogers of Columbia Business School. A Nihongo textbook translation by Eiichi Kasahara is available, which makes it more convenient to learn DX in Japanese.
Seels DX Business School is about learning and teaching DX business English communication to Japanese. By using both the DX Playbook in English and Japanese version, teachers and students' learning is more interesting and enjoyable. DX Business English teacher licenses are obtained after passing Seels 120-Hour Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) + 60-Hour DX Business English Course. A six-month training with DX teaching syllabus submission to ensure that the public receives a well prepared DX Business English teacher.
No one should be left in gaining opportunities in digital transformation. Japanese salarymen who frequently visit bars and nightclubs should be served with more interesting talking points from DX Storytellers. Seels DX Business School provides a two-month DX Storytelling course. The aim is to provide learners with DX concepts and best practices to serve as DX Storytellers to salarymen.
Bars and nightclub owners also share their part in DX education by offering DX Business English Conversation and DX Storytelling time for their customers. The Reborn DX Business Community School in Tokyo Adachiku's Takenotsuka ward serves as a pilot in offering customers with both DX Business English conversation classes and DX Storytelling. The Reborn DX Business Bar will soon open from 6:00 to 8:00 PM from Monday to Sunday.
Live Online DX Business English Conversation and DX Storytelling are also available. Enrollment and inquiries are all welcome. Please refer to the website links below:
LiveOnlive DX Business English Conversation website
LiveOnlince DX Storytelling website
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