TESOL with ChatGPT & the OmniLingua Loop: This integrated training and practicum program is designed to empower TESOL graduates with the capabilities of generative AI. It allows them to confidently embark on online and face-to-face teaching, beginning with their friends and immediate communities. Similarly, JollyClassroom provides an avenue for independent teaching, unlocking opportunities for higher-earning roles. Complementing this, our EQ-English Proficiency High Mark, and SVG Coding courses are pivotal components of our transformative social enterprise. Through this initiative, thousands who have undergone Seels-Montessori training are now thriving and making a meaningful difference in the teaching landscape.

Digital Transformation (DX) Business English through the Content Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) Approach: In today's globalized business landscape, English proficiency is pivotal for fostering strong client relationships and finalizing successful deals. By harnessing the CLIL methodology, Seels OmniLingua AI educators specialize in customizing lessons to not only enhance business communication skills but also ensure that presentations are impactful and yield the intended results.
Our curriculum for the DX Business English Course draws upon two textbooks: "The Digital Transformation Playbook" and "The Digital Transformation Roadmap: Rebuild Your Organization for Continuous Change," both authored by Professor David L. Rogers of Columbia University. These texts guide our instructional approach, providing rich context and insights for our course participants.

Jolly Phonics and Jolly Grammar for the Gig Economy: Rooted in the National Standard Curriculum of the United Kingdom and recognized as the official curriculum in various countries, Jolly Phonics and Jolly Grammar have emerged as the preferred choice for independent educators affiliated with Seels Teachers Academy. Many report that children, some as young as four or even younger, begin reading and writing proficiently using Jolly Phonics materials. The undeniable success of this approach has encouraged numerous educators to establish their own after-school English programs, testament to its transformative impact in the educational field. In our commitment to ensuring the highest standards and quality control, Seels is honored to have Coral George as our certified Jolly Phonics/Grammar trainer, endorsed by Jolly Learning Ltd., UK. Furthermore, domestic helpers equipped with an official Jolly Phonics certification not only gain a significant advantage as English tutors for their employers' children but can also leverage this expertise to work as freelance English teachers, generating additional income through tutoring.

Seels Norenwake Smart Contract Alternative Franchise: With a vision rooted in inclusivity, our mission is to extend Montessori education to every child around the world. We've drawn inspiration from 'Norenwake' - the time-honored Japanese tradition where trusted affiliates are granted the privilege to use a master's brand without incurring any cost. By introducing Smart Contracts, we offer an innovative alternative to traditional franchising. This system ensures a seamless transition of franchising rights, which are directly transferred to an incoming owner's digital wallet. Notably, the funds collected from these smart contract franchises are channeled to support Montessorians in establishing their programs globally and to provide student scholarships for courses affiliated with the Association of Montessori Internationale (AMI).