1. If children learned first the function of computer codes that generates moving digital images during their cognitive and sensory development years, they would not be interested in playing computer games but rather enjoy more in creating codes through the rest of their life.

2. If codes and functions of emotional intelligence or EQ were gained in early years in life, in the coming of age our children who are digital natives will be ethically, socially and culturally responsive in sustaining Japan's Society 5.0.

3. If synthesized letter sounds and words are recognized as language codes acquired in early years, children will enjoy acquiring four English language skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening easily.

4. If teachers, parents and schools have proper knowledge and specialty in providing skills and knowledge on computer coding, emotional intelligence, and language codes, our children will harvest the fruits of a healthy and sustainable Society 5.0.
As a practicing Montessori philosophy and methods of teaching school, during the child's cognitive and sensorial development stage, DXEd regarded computer codes as concrete mental recognition that produces other concrete images being manipulated by coding language on the screen. To help prepare children in their multi sensorial development work, a specially designed Coding Tablet (available by 2022 October) will be used. The aim is for child recognition between coding and computer gaming where the latter will not be a choice but having enjoyment in making coding as natural habits for their lifetime.

Sample easy way of teaching coding to children using Tokyo Blockchain Academy's Sandbox can be experienced after registering and getting you access to the below website:
https://tokyoblockchain.io/register.php Click to Register
Emotions are at the core of relationships, reflections, and life choices to reach success and happiness on all levels. Children in their sensitive period from 0-6 years old are bursting with emotion that could be sharpened in their sensorial development stage. DXEd applies the Plus Minus (+|-) Code system of non-profit based Source Code Technology (SCT) Foundation of Switzerland and tuned by Seels DX International Preschool to suit its children's emotional intelligence and social skills.

More information on +|- Code are available on this website:
http://www.sourcecodefoundation.org/ Click Here
Both the Montessori methods and the Jolly Phonics use the same principles in teaching the alphabet letter sound first, followed by letter recognition, into segmenting and reading/blending. In a global practice and experience, children taught with Jolly Phonics are found to be advanced by a year in English reading and writing. A brand that the Seels DX International Preschool is committing to the world.

Independent research paper as a mean to give remarkable evidence in using Jolly Phonics from the Japanese Association of Education Psychology is available on this website:
https://jolly2.s3.amazonaws.com/Research/Prof%20Yusawa%20paper.pdf Click Here