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Eighty five percent (85%) of our over 600 graduates landed in English teaching job within a year after obtaining either SEELS 120-Hour TESOL certificate accredited by the International TEFL Accreditation Council (ITEFLAC) and SEELS Montessori International Preschool Teacher Diploma. Likewise, certificate holders of our two-day Introductory Course training, a combined Montessori and Jolly Phonics English application in Japanese environment setting, helped many to have an English teacher stepping stone by working in Hoikuen and Youchien. Other alumni have found a key to startup their own home based English language school with SEELS K.K. licensing support.

Turning into the 10th year of operation on May 18th 2021, SEELS K.K. is rolling up new programs to face challenges brought about by Covid-19 Pandemic, digital business transformation, and the changing behavior of education, educators and language learners. The integrated English, Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math or E-STEAM program was crafted by SEELS to support young learners and their working parents. The E-STEAM basic starter course, Coding, Programming and Robotics (CoPRO) English teaching, aims to support seven to seventeen year old learners for their future journey in creating new jobs out of the world’s 4th Industrial Revolution also known in Japan as the Society 5.0.

SEELS Pro, a staff and volunteers unit with mostly Japanese college students members, have special programs to watch. SEELS Pro will serve as a bridge between SEELS Professional ALT Certificate holders, local BOE and the ALT neighborhood in need of English tutors. Emotional Intelligence English course for 7-17 year olds children are in SEELS Pro bag as well as the Montessori Masterclass for Japanese parents wanting to have Montessori homeschooling for their children. Pre-MBA English course is in the pipeline to help Generation Z’s quest to invent new jobs that are ar the same time support the goals of Japan’s Society 5.0 and digital transformation.

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Japan’s Society 5.0 and SEELS Teachers Academy

Society 5.0 is the future of Japan and the common future of the new generation. Drawing inspiration from Society 5.0 and to bring in the participation of the foreigners living in the country, SEELS Teachers Academy have designed an interlinked English training courses anchored on Society 5.0 for preschoolers, seven to seventeen year olds, Generation Zs’ and adults.

English is the global lingua franca of digital technologies which is a necessity in connecting Japan’s Society 5.0 to the world. To support the English language needs in the fast moving digital business transformation, SEELS offers a specially crafted Digital Business English Communication to help understand better the concept and terms of digital technologies such as AI, Big Data, Machine Learning, IoT or Internet of Things, blockchain and others.

Digital Business English Communication Course

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Advancement of people’ first centered technology and English teaching access to success.


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Foreign migrants' social inclusion access to an end-to-end touch point from training to employment success in English language education, childcare services, and Japanese Generation Z education.

We have one overriding goal : to ensure that you will be as fully prepared.