SEELS goal is to discover talents and technologies to drive end-to-end digitization of education from pre-school to tertiary education with solutions for school and educator efficiency, as well as student access.

Seels DX International School

Inspired by Dr. Maria Montessori philosophy and methods, children learn the natural coding system from concrete three-dimensional (3D) geometric materials. Putting digital images of all learned concrete 3D geometric solid materials on a computer screen through text and numbers using Scalable Vector Graphics or SVG serves as the basics in acquiring computer coding and programming for five years old preschoolers.

At Seels DX International Preschool computer coding and programming is a means to help children's foundation and preparations to Arithmetic in the field of Geometry as well as Physics and in the studies of motion graphics or Kinematics. Appreciation of forms, colors and digital arts and naturally acquire English language communication through computer codes are among to mention just a few the foundational preparation benefitting children before entering elementary school.

Owned and founded by foreign migrants living in Japan who are graduates from Seel Teachers Academy makes the biggest difference of Seels DX International School from existing ones. For non-graduates interested to own and operate, Seels DX International School Franchise scheme is available courtesy of SEELS Co., Ltd.

Seels DX Gakudo

Having free computer coding and programming and practical English communication during free time at Seels DX Gakudo is a unique program benefitting elementary grade students. Seels DX Gakudo is a sanctuary for children to rest, relax and acquire knowledge and skills once their inner urge of learning was challenged. Having regular access to English communication and computer coding and programming brings the best children experience while waiting for working parents home.

Emotional Intelligence

Having high scores in Intelligence Quotient (IQ) and Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is now much needed in a digital world. Having a strong EQ foundation will help children to make strong decisions against adversity in life like bullying and many more. All teachers, administrators, owners of Seels DX International School and DX Gakudo are properly trained and with program supervision and support from Switzerland based NPO - ICT Foundation.

Digital Transformation (DX) Education

Children’s future in the digital world support comes best from parents and adults who have proper grasp on Digital Transformation (DX) and Society 5.0. Moreover, today's business was replaced and transformed by digital technologies where English is the lingua franca of digital transformation. To hit two birds with one stone, supporting children's dream to fly in the digital world on one hand and supporting the DX Business English needs, are among the aims of Seels DX Business English for Japanese. The Digital Transformation (DX) Playbook of Professor David L. Rogers with Japanese translation by Eiichi Kasahara serves as the official textbook offered by SEELS Co., Ltd.

SEELS Agile Team Support at Work

Seels Teachers Academy

Keeping high the quality control of teachers and on par international quality education is the role of Seels Teachers Academy. The Academy offers Seels International Preschool Teacher Diploma, Advanced Elementary School Teachers Diploma, and as a provider of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages or TESOL. So far there are over a thousand graduates of which 85% of whom are working in public and private elementary schools and are the steady source of teachers for Seels International School, DX Gakudo and DX Business English.

Tokyo Blockchain Academy (TBA)

Developing talents to drive Blockchain Technologies is the future jobs of children and young learners of now. TBA offers Blockchain for Young Learners and a teacher training on Computer Coding and Programming Over the Blockchain. TBA is the Japan Local Hub of non-profit Global Blockchain Initiative.

Builders of Own School and Support (BOSS)

Graduates of Seels Teachers Academy and are engaged in building Seels DX International School are Business-to-Business (B2B) partners of SEELS Co., Ltd in starting up Seels DX International School in Fukushima, Chiba, Gifu and Tokyo. The earned experiences are evaluated to serve as a practical course content for BOSS subscribers.

Seels-Vietnam Montessori Bilingual Preschool

Located in Haiphong City, Vietnam and has been in operation for five years. Seels Vietnam advanced experience in running Montessori preschool is a mutually shared program with Seels DX International School.


Supporting the supplementary education needs of family members and relatives of Filipinos living in Japan is the primary purpose of the Seels Teachers Academy Representative Office in the country. Seels-Philippines also serves the needed back-up LiveOnline training for students of Seels Teachers Academy.