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SEELS Teachers Academy

Acquiring knowledge and skills in five steps lesson plan making to ensure that you will be a fully prepared TESOL teacher is the goal of SEELS Teachers Academy. A TESOL accredited by the International TEFL Accreditation Council (ITEFLAC) grants to build more public trust locally in Japan as well as global recognition for SEELS social business in education and technology development.

Eighty five percent (85%) is the employment hiring rate of SEELS Teachers Academy graduates where over 600 are now active in English teaching jobs in public and private schools. Good numbers of them are now engaged in self-employment initiatives working as freelance English teachers and as English language school operators around the Japanese neighborhood and in online English classes.


Having ITEFLAC accredited TESOL is the key to gain expertise and public confidence in various English teaching jobs under SEELS social development goals for gainful employment and social upliftment. Having ITEFLAC accredited TESOL certificate plus a choice from a spectrum of SEELS English courses will enable you to have a SEELS company English teacher license in the field of specialties below.

SEELS TESOL Course Content and Outline

  • Licensed Assistant Language Teacher (ALT)
  • Integrated English, Science, Technology, Arts and Math(ESTEAM) for Young Learners
  • Emotional Intelligence/Quot ient English for Speakers of Other Language (EI-ESOL)
  • Pre-MBA English Course
  • Online English Teaching and Jumpstart Your Own English Online School

ITEFLAC accredited TESOL certificate means that after completing another one or more of SEELS specialized courses will enable you to obtain a SEELS Teachers Academy teacher license. A company teacher license that gives you a public trust to work as Assistant Language Teacher, ESTEAM teacher, EI-ESOL teacher, Pre-MBA English teacher and as Online English teacher and online school owner.

  • Specialty Courses
  • Description
  • Outcomes

Crafted by seasoned Assistant Language Teacher (ALT) based on their over 20 years of practical teaching experiences in public schools.


SEELS Teacher Academy recommends its graduates to the local Board of Education for ALT direct hiring every year during the month of October to January, the time for ALT hiring season.


Curriculum, materials and instrument are supplied by ROBBO, a Finland program for young learners


English teacher job placement recommendation to ROBBO franchise schools as well as teacher for Coding, Programming and Robotics (CoPRo) teacher for young learners in SEELS campus and online classes.


Course partnership with SCT Foundation, Switzerland where SEELS recruits students for SCT Foundation’s Emotional Intelligence online course. In return, SCT Foundation recommends its graduates to take EI-ESOL teacher license from SEELS Teachers Academy. More information are available here:


EI-ESOL teacher for 7-17 years old with employment opportunities in SEELS campus and online classes.


Digital business terms and references are taught to enable Japanese students to gain confidence in taking Digital Business Global MBA at Zigurat Innovation and Technology Business School, Barcelona, Spain. For reference visit this website: https://www.e- school/


Full-time or part-time employed SEELS Pre-MBA English teacher. Plus, wide opportunities to get engaged in any digital business while learning the terms and reference in teaching English as the lingua franca of global digital business transformation.


The gained knowledge and skills from the ITEFLAC accredited TESOL 5 step lesson plan making will be boosted with abilities to start teaching online and on how to jumpstart your own online English school.


Hired full-time or part-time online teacher of SEELS Teachers Academy for teaching CoPRO/EST EAM, EI-ESOL and Pre-MBA English Course. The best alternative is to jumpstart your own English online school to offer directly or as an outsource online provider of SEELS Teachers Academy courses


The new Prime Minister of Japan has outlined digital transformation as a priority government program. To support the Japanese government initiative, the DX Eikaiwa Course was formed to keep people of Japan attuned to the changing societal digital transformation challenge. (website link to the new webpage of DX Eikaiwa teachers training)


SEELS DX Eikaiwa teachers will be in a web directory (website under construction) of searchable DX tutors online or within the neighborhood.

SEELS Digital Transformation (DX) Eikaiwa Teachers Training Features

1. System and content suited for

  • Japanese learners
  • Continuing professional development for Filipino English teachers in Japan
  • Extended training support for foreigners living in Japan i.e Vietnamese

2. Uses digital technologies to lessen operational cost namely

  • Omni channel marketing to directly connect teachers and students
  • FinTech for tuition payments and invoicing
  • TranS Apps and learning management platform for systematized teaching and learning comforts.

3. Benefits in using digital technology are

  • Lower tuition fee for Japanese students and Filipino English teachers.
  • High salary pay for Philippine based teachers
  • Comforts from more effective teaching and learning

4. Social Enterprise Management and Operation Objectives:

  • To produce high caliber teachers who are well versed in Teaching English as Foreign Language (TEFL) and in Digital Transformation or DX concepts and terminologies.
  • To provide omni channel marketing for DX Eikaiwa teachers services to various Japanese market segments i.e. senior high school, college students, MBA aspirants, business persons, and adults for general conversation.
  • To provide training support to Filipino English teachers in Japan under the banner of SEELS Teachers Academy activities and programs.
  • To create employment opportunities for DX Eikaiwa teachers especially Phillippine based.
  • To offer the best customer experience in language learning with an Apps and omni channel online platform for a cheaper tuition fee with high teaching standards.

SEELS DX Eikaiwa Training Curriculum

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