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Introducing SEELS’ OBE-TESOL Professional License and International Certificate

Course Description

To obtain the OBE-TESOL Professional License, in wallet size card, and International Certificate issued by SEELS in Japan and ACCREDITAT in the United Kingdom respectively, the student trainees have to complete and obtain the following seven (7) certificate courses namely:

  • 20 hours Preparatory Course on SEELS OBE-TESOL License and International Certificate
  • 120-Hour Advanced TESOL certificate course (accredited by ACCREDITAT)
  • 120-Hour Advanced Teaching Business English certificate course (accredited by ACCREDITAT)
  • 30-hour Teaching English Online certificate course (accredited by ACCREDITAT
  • 60-Hour Advanced Social Network and Digital Business English certificate course (accredited by Accreditat)
  • 60-hour Advanced Teaching English to Young Learners (accredited by ACCREDITAT)
  • 2 Days Free Coaching on CV Writing and Interview Skills Preparation (accredited by ACCREDITAT)

Each course could be attended one after the other, not necessarily taken in same order above, to have a certificate of completion of each course. Those students who complete all of the above courses covering 410 hours within a two-year continuous study period will be entitled to receive the esteemed OBE-TESOL Professional License and International Certificate from SEELS and ACCREDITAT.


What SEELS’ OBE-TESOL Professional License and International Certificate can do for you.

We have one overriding achievement goal: to ensure that all our students will be fully prepared when stepping into a licensed and international certified TESOL Professional role. Graduates will be equipped to carry out the role of a competent and confident freelance TESOL teacher, running their own online and/or face-to-face English teaching business, supported by a wide array of high quality teaching materials based on the lessons created and performed during the training.

Holders of the SEELS OBE-TESOL Professional License and International Certificate will also be most welcome to join SEELS’ classroom and Live Classes online teachers group, with benefits covered by government health and insurance as a regular hired employee under SEELS Limited Company employment program.


SEELS’ successful approach to the OBE-TESOL Professional License and International Certificate.

As an alternative to university TESOL Master and Diploma courses, SEELS is offering its innovative high standard course. So, what’s the difference? Where the university TESOL courses are mostly engaged in research and theoretical studies, SEELS offers fully practical hands-on approaches that have already been proven to work effectively in the classroom.

Furthermore, SEELS is the school to discover:

  • Your passion to teach professionally
  • The magnificence of empowering each other
  • That all your peers will work together to ensure everyone succeeds

SEELS opens its doors to all those who are highly motivated to learn, grow and teach as a certified teacher in Japan. Join us NOW!


SEELS offers world-class training and curriculum materials

We are delighted that all our TESOL courses have been accredited as high-quality courses by ACCREDITAT. ACCREDITAT is a leading, independent United Kingdom accreditation body. Their accreditation confirms that our course, tutors, assessment instruments and our company procedures are world-class, fully geared to help teachers succeed.

Our aim has been to make our courses as practical as possible for you. For us, practical insights and tips are more important than theory. Of course, theory underpins some aspects of teaching but, when you start Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL), it’s these kinds of questions that will be in the forefront of your mind:

    • How do I plan a lesson?
    • When should I do this?
    • What should I do next?
    • How can I introduce this?
    • How do I know my students have grasped this?
    • What should I be focusing on?
    • How can I do this better?

Remember that much of the theory in learning is not proven. In any case, you will be dealing with individuals from different childhood backgrounds, different learning experiences, different learning styles, different attitudes and different levels of motivation, so the theory will not apply to everyone. Our approach focuses on what does work in practice.

We have twelve years of English teacher training experience. SEELS’ early years of formation is traceable from May 26-29, 2006 when the first training of the Community and Home-Based English Teaching or CHOBET was initiated. We have come a long way since then. Watch the Video

Job placement and self-employment opportunities are an integral part of our OBE-TESOL Professional License and International Certification. We are in partnership with a job placement agency, Enclave Japan, who will assist our students in preparing their job application and will help them all the way until they are hired.

Let’s not forget our world-class faculty! Our teachers have Doctorate and Master degrees. Others are those former students of SEELS Teachers Academy who have successfully completed their courses with distinction, demonstrating exceptional performance and great passion to teach and train.


What others say about our courses


The Value Proposition of SEELS OBE-TESOL Professional License and International Certificate.

SEELS is poised to have a positive and productive engagement with seven major English language providers in Japan. Our aim is to ensure that holders of the SEELS OBE-TESOL Professional License and International Certificate will be among the preferred choices when the providers are hiring their English teachers.

In addition, SEELS is developing its corporate relations with major English teacher job placement agencies to ensure SEELS’ OBE-TESOL License and International Certificate holders gain preferential treatment in their job hiring. We will do everything we can to ensure you gain this preferential treatment.

Besides the great benefit of preferential treatment in job hiring by having the SEELS OBE-TESOL Professional License and International Certificate, the holders will also be supported by SEELS in establishing their own-school and community English learning program. SEELS as a social enterprise promotes self-employment through holders establishing their own English school in their neighborhood and community.

For the general public, the major seven players in English language education, and the English teacher placement agencies, will all be assured of getting high quality, meticulously trained SEELS OBE-TESOL Professional License and International Certificate teachers. The renewable license is credited regularly by holders taking continuing professional development training and courses. This is a huge benefit for the holders of the license and certificate and will give added public credence to the benefactors of SEELS OBE-TESOL Professional License and International Certificate.