SEELS Digital Transformation (DX) Eikaiwa

1. System and content suited for

  • Japanese learners
  • Continuing professional development for Filipino English teachers in Japan
  • Extended training support for foreigners living in Japan i.e Vietnamese

2. Uses digital technologies to lessen operational cost namely

  • Omni channel marketing to directly connect teachers and students
  • FinTech for tuition payments and invoicing
  • TranS Apps and learning management platform for systematized teaching and learning comforts.

3. Benefits in using digital technology are

  • Lower tuition fee for Japanese students and Filipino English teachers.
  • High salary pay for Philippine based teachers
  • Comforts from more effective teaching and learning

4. Social Enterprise Management and Operation Objectives:

  • To produce high caliber teachers who are well versed in Teaching English as Foreign Language (TEFL) and in Digital Transformation or DX concepts and terminologies.
  • To provide omni channel marketing for DX Eikaiwa teachers services to various Japanese market segments i.e. senior high school, college students, MBA aspirants, business persons, and adults for general conversation.
  • To provide training support to Filipino English teachers in Japan under the banner of SEELS Teachers Academy activities and programs.
  • To create employment opportunities for DX Eikaiwa teachers especially Phillippine based.
  • To offer the best customer experience in language learning with an Apps and omni channel online platform for a cheaper tuition fee with high teaching standards.

SEELS DX Eikaiwa Training Curriculum

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