Seels BOSS Training Syllabus

SEELS Builders of Own School and Support
(BOSS) Training Syllabus

BOSS Masterclass Diploma for graduates of SEELS Montessori International Preschool Teacher diploma course and Certificate of Completion for SEELS Starters

1 Module

Digital Transformation/Society 5.0 and Emotional Intelligence for Small School Startup (18 hour)

  • Digital Transformation/ Society 5.0 Culture Essentials

  • Self-Awareness Strategies

  • Self-Management Strategies

  • Social Awareness Strategies

  • Relationship Management Strategies

2 Module

Jolly Phonics Teaching Guidelines and Jolly English School Starter (30 hour)

  • Jolly Phonics Teaching Guidelines

  • Jolly English School

  • Jolly Grammar

3 Module

BOSS Startup Operations and Management (24 hour)

A:Value Proposition of BOSS Startup
  • SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threat) Analysis

  • PESTLE (Political, Economic, Social, Technology, Legal, Environment) Analysis

  • Porter 5 Forces Framework of Competition

  • BOSS Business Canvas

B: Lessons from Circa 2015-2020 Rise and Fall of SEELS BOSS Startup
C:2020 Version Level Up and Phases of BOSS Startup
  • SEELS Jolly English School

  • *SEELS Montessori English Phonics School

  • **SEELS Montessori Juku and Daycare

  • * Privilege for Certificate Holder of Child Development Associate Major in Teaching English to Young Learners

  • ** Privilege only for graduates of SEELS Montessori International Preschool Teacher diploma


BOSS Management and Operations Training (48 hour)

A:Marketing and Public Relations (16 hour)
  • Branding ( email and owning myschoolname own website for meishi and chirashi), online directory of BOSS Schools and Teachers

  • Marketing Tools (chirashi, kamban, nobori and others)

  • Logistics

  • Conducting Trial Lessons and Parents Relations

  • Enrollment Forms and Tuition Collection

B:Simplified Bookkeeping, Accounting and Finance Management (24 Hour total)
  • Bookkeeping (8 hour)

  • Accounting (8 Hour)

  • Taxation (8 Hour)

  • Finance Management and Projection (8 hour)

C: Health and Wellness Eco System(8 Hour)
5 Module

BOSS Owners Peer Coaching, Sharing and Collaboration Forum (Free Unlimited Time for BOSS Peers only)

A:Value Proposition of BOSS Startup
  • Lesson plans that works in the classroom

  • Grants and funds for BOSS school development projects

  • Extra online courses support and DX Eikaiwa courses

  • Resolving Complexities in Operations

  • Good and Bad Practices in Parents Relations

  • Fine Tuning of Marketing Blues

  • Best Practices in Teaching PPP and in Reading and Writing

  • Composite Teachers Collaborations

  • Best School Management and Operations to Share