Assistant Language Teacher Certificate Course

For local BOE direct hiring of ALT

The direct hiring of Assistant Language Teachers or ALT under the revised Local Civil Service Law allows the local Board of Education to hire ALT directly. However, the local Board of Education needs guidance and references on where to find ALTs and the corresponding qualification and standards that will be used as the basis for ALT hiring.

Further, the ALTs’ have to have continuing professional development to ensure the local BOE that the teaching capabilities of hired ALTs are relevant to the changing needs of students learning, consistent with the school curriculum. Besides, a professional ALT has to have a good understanding of the rules and laws in order to practice the code of conduct of a professional ALT.

SEELS Teachers Academy aims to empower ALTs’ as a strong body who are licensed to support local BOEs’ ALT direct hiring, based on 2019 revised local civil service law on hiring temporary staff.

For Freelance Licensed ALT Service in the Neighborhood

Parents in the neighborhood are in constant need of where to find English mentors as well as the need to know the professional background of to be hired tutor for their children’s online or person-to-person English studies. Definitely, parents prefer to hire a licensed and a social enterprise company-backed English tutors for security and assurance of receiving high quality standards of teaching from a professional ALT.

Introducing the SEELS Teachers Academy ALT License Course

The private company issued Professional ALT License is a public assurance that the bearer has passed high quality standard education and training from SEELS Teachers Academy.


Benefits of SEELS ALT Certificate Holder

  • Branding as on-demand freelance Licensed ALT available in the neighborhood. Profile will be in the advertisement and promotion website link of SEELS Pro (website construction in progress) for parents who are looking for online or in person English tutors.

  • SEELS Licensed ALT branding support. As an option, having your own business email, (in example and your own business webpage usable to promote your freelance ALT teaching job is an available option from SEELS. Meishi or business card flier templates are also part of the branding support to help in earning additional income as licensed ALT of SEELS.

Education and Training Course Requirements to Obtain ALT License from SEELS Teachers Academy


Course Content and Outline

  • 1

    Introduction to the Five Step Lesson Plan

  • 2

    The TESOL World

  • 3

    The TESOL Teacher

  • 4

    The Learners

  • 5

    Understanding Key Language Elements

  • 6

    Teaching the Skills

  • 7

    Planning and Presenting Activities

  • 8


  • 9

    Teaching the Skills in Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening.

  • 10

    Planning and Presenting Language Activities

  • 11

    Practical and Professional Teaching Skills (Part 1 and 2)

  • 12

    Teaching English to Young Learners

Key Practical Classroom-Based Skills Mastery: Five Step Lesson Plan Preparation and Presentation.

Class Format

  • a

    Classroom in social distancing mode available in SEELS Teachers Academy Tokyo Campus Only

  • b

    LiveOnline Classroom with teachers and students real-time studies and interaction

B. Professional ALT Certificate Course

Course Content and Outline

  • 1

    Introduction to ALT

  • 2

    The ALT World

    • Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports

    • Ministry of Health, Labor and Employment

    • Haken Geisha vs Direct Hiring

    • BOE school relations

  • 3

    Teaching Tools

  • 4

    Teaching Skills

  • 5

    Acquiring Skills

  • 6

    Performance Evaluation

  • 7

    Health and Wellness and Covid-19 Prevention

  • 8

    Work Ethics and Code of Conduct

SEELS Co., Ltd. private company licensing credentials:

  • SEELS program was formed through the funding courtesy of of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) in Fiscal Year 2013-2014 for the Social Business Development program in the Tohoku region.
  • It was from the recommendation from METI to keep high the standards and the quality control of its teachers that SEELS fully adhere to its public service.
  • In this time of pandemic crisis, SEELS has the obligation to contribute in helping the local Board of Education (BOE) in its bid to hire Assistant Language Teachers or ALT directly with assurance in recommending English teachers with high quality standards.
  • With the above given reason, SEELS crafted the Professional ALT License as a seal of quality standards and qualification in recommending English teachers for local BOE's direct hiring.
  • SEELS have been in English teachers training for the past 14 years before the SEELS Co., Ltd was registered last May 18, 2011 under the Tokyo Legal Affairs Bureau.
  • Over 600 of SEELS graduates are now working as English teachers in public and private schools as well as in hoikuen and youchien. 85% is the hiring rate of SEELS graduates.
  • SEELS Outcomes-Based Education (BOE) was formulated, implemented and supervised by high rated professionals with Doctorate, Masters in Education, MBA, and global educators partners.
  • Currently running 4 training classrooms in Tokyo for offline training as well as multiple ONLINE LiveClasses on various courses.

Graduates of SEELS Diploma Course are also entitled to obtain ALT Certificate and license after completing the ALT Training Course