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Seels About Us


A Life-Changer Social Enterprise

After a period of time in English teachers training, it becomes essentially a tradition for a student of SEELS Teachers Academy to leave her former job to work as an English teacher. As a result, social impact follows to be felt. It is like rediscovering their own home where children have found new pride in realizing that their mother is now a teacher. Indeed, it helps in alleviating their family relations better than before

While walking on the street, children would call out to her as “sensei” or teacher making her valuable and her presence honorable. Best of all, she gains pride and dignity, her role as a migrant woman defined and, holds a respectable key profession contributory in building a multicultural Japanese society.

As a result of over a decade of English teaching skills retooling, today, the social impact and success stories of the movement launched in 2006 – Uplifting the Lives, Transform the Image of Filipino Migrants in Japan.

continuously unfold. In the same spirit of social movements, the SEELS Teachers Academy is inviting all to make its social enterprise even stronger. Let there be more who reap the benefits and hold SEELS flag higher – our life-changer banner.

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    Brief Profile:

    SEEL K.K. and the Social Enterprise English Language School (SEELS) Teachers Academy

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    Length of Service:

    14 years in English teachers training and was registered as Limited Company under Tokyo, Japan Legal Affairs Bureau.

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    Number of graduates and students:

    500 + diploma holders, 150 + TESOL Certified Teachers, 100 + enrolled students yearly.

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    Rate of employment after a year of graduation:


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    Academic and Technology Partners:

    Jolly Learning UK, SCT Foundation of Switzerland, Montessori League of Asia, Global Montessori Alliance, Ateneo University – ASOG - Philippines, SEELS Vietnam, NamViet Technology - Vietnam.

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    Awards and grants:

    Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan, Michinoku Kigyo – Cabinet Office for Tohoku Reconstruction, Akira Foundation, Toyota Foundation, Entrepreneurial Training for Innovative Community (ETIC), World in Asia (WiT), Social Venture Partner-Tokyo, Global Forum for Education and Learning (GFEL).

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    SEELS Vision:

    Advancement of people' first centered technology and English teaching access to success.

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    SEELS Mission:

    Foreign migrants social inclusion access to an end-to-end touch point from training to employment success in English language education, childcare services, and Japanese Generation Z education on digital business transformation.


"In the course of human history men have organized into larger and larger groups, so that today all mankind is a single group. They are not conscious of this, yet it is a reality. All mankind today shares a common function. No longer are there separate groups of human beings, as was the case until just yesterday. A single interest unites them and causes them to function as a single living organism. No phenomenon can affect one human group without affecting others as a consequence. To put it a better way, the interest of any one group is the interest of all" (Montessori, 2007, p.98)

Montessori, M. (2007) Education and Peace. Amsterdam: Montessori-Pierson Publishing Company

List of names and designations of all staff

President and CEO - Cesar V. Santoyo Executive Secretary - Daichi Hasegawa

Board of Academic Affairs

  • Adelfa M. Pairez, MA Ed, Dean Emeritus
  • Gerry L. Rivas MA Ed.
  • Erwin O. Brunio, PhD
  • Cesar V. Stantoyo, MBA

Agile Teams of SEELS Teachers Academy

TESOL Teachers

  • Rej Padua
  • Butch Booth
  • Elle Woods
  • Avic Tatlonghari
  • Pido Tatlonghari
  • Marina Kwarling

Montessori Preschool Program Teachers

  • Beena Misty
  • Leonida Oda
  • Rika

Montessori Teachers Diploma Course Teachers(Classroom Program Teachers)

  • Rejie Padua
  • Robie Madriana Lee
  • Vanj Fortich

Online Program Teachers

  • Rejie Padua
  • May Ocfamia
  • Susan Bernal

Online Associate Course on Early Childhood Education Teachers

  • Adelfa M. Pairez (Japan)
  • Gerry Rivas (Philippines)
  • Ellen Chua (Philippines)
  • Ana Pairez (Australia)
  • Simriti Singh (India)

Digital Transformation (DX) Online Program Teachers

  • Nguyen Xuan Dao
  • Ho Trong Tin
  • Pradip Thapa

Builders of Own School and Support

Builders of Own School and Support (BOSS)

  • Cristeta Matsumoto
  • Noemi Esaki
  • Beena Misty

SEELS Pro (Japanese regular staff)

  • Daichi Hasegawa
  • Shun Yoshiya
  • Asuka Itoi

Social Media Marketing

  • Ellen Yosekawa
  • Rachel Cosal Sobrecarey

Admin and Management Staff

  • Daichi Hasegawa
  • Nguyen Huong
  • Robie Lee


  • John T. Sano, CPA