1. What is DX Education?

Digital Transformation (DX) and the Society 5.0 is redefining people's life, culture, and tradition that necessitates to be integrated to the classical foundation of formal and non-formal education from primary, secondary, tertiary, and business. Because of DX the digital natives, Generation Z (born in 2010 up) and the upcoming Generation Alpha, naturally acquire skills and knowledge at their own phase and environment privy to others. As a result parents and the older generation with aversion to technology and the lack of time to study to understand the digitization process are often alienated.

Questions naturally arise on ethics and the process of child growth and development under DX that needs to be addressed in order not to hamper the DX education growth especially among children. Moreover, the application of digital transformation in education is widening its gap and barriers between schools, parents and students.

Helping children to be well prepared to live a life in a digital world that never existed before is among the reasons why the Seels DX International School was founded. The pilot school aims to bridge the gap between the following:

a) The new generation's application on the fusion of digitized education and the traditional Science, Technology, Environment, Arts and Math (STEAM) for knowledge and skills for their future life.

b) Sharing of common understanding of children, parents and older generations on DX education and underlying ethics on screen usage.

c) Children, parents and schools togetherness on child's digital growth and development.
2. What is new in Seels DX Education?
A. Preschool Cognitive and Social Development
Hypothesis 1 Computer Language Codes: If children learned first the function of computer codes that generates moving digital images during their cognitive and sensory development years, they would not be interested in playing computer games when they grew up but rather enjoy more in creating codes through the rest of their life. Having that said, Seels DX International Preschool is introducing a Coding Tablet with no internet connection and calculator function as part of cognitive and sensorial exercises of children starting five years old. Embedded in the Coding Tablet is coding language to prepare a child's mind on how computer moving images works and how it was coded.

Hypothesis 2 Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Codes: Children from 0-6 years old are bursting with emotional communication needed to be served and returned.
Children naturally decode the emotions of people around them in a natural way as practiced in Japan. For example, if the child kicked the door, the mother says the door might be hurt and avoid doing it. But there are available technology in decoding emotions through the plus and minus (+|-) program of Source Code Technology Foundation, a non-profit based in Switzerland, that Seels Teachers Academy is a partner in implementing Emotional Intelligence of EQ.

Hypothesis 3 Letter Sounds and Words Codes: Learning the letter sounds and not the alphabet letter name as ABC, have to be taught first as the effective method in the four language skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening. It started a hundred years ago and is practiced at Montessori preschools around the world. Outside the Montessori school using the same methods and principles in the Jolly Phonics revolution from the United Kingdom that spread all over the world.
The three codes namely, computer code, EQ coding, and letters and words coding are important elements needing to be incorporated in the cognitive and social communication of children. All are similar to languages and counting that adults have to help children how to acquire their needed codes like adults.

B. Elementary School

In addition to all foundational subjects in elementary school, open source adaptive curricula for children independent learning will be introduced as follows:

  • - Coding using text and numbers for digital painting will be introduced for six years old to start building a coding foundation.
  • - Web Development for lower elementary
  • - 3D Modeling and Robotics for higher elementary
  • - Introduction to Internet of Things (IoT) and Blockchain Technologies
C. Junior High School
  • - AI/Machine Learning Open Source and Applications
  • - Open Source Internet of Thing (IoT) and Application
  • - Blockchain Development
D. Senior High School
Business startup
E. College and Professional Life
  • - Business startup
  • - Human Resource and Development