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Digital Transformation

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Society 5.0

In 2016 the Keidanren or the Japan Business Federation crafted a policy paper outlining the digital transformation program of the country titled Society 5.0. A digital blueprint very similar to Industry 4.0 program globally but with emphasis on the development of Japanese society

  • 1.0

  • 2.0

    Agrarian Socity
  • 3.0

    Industrial Socity
  • 4.0

    Industrial Socity
  • 5.0


The following year, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe announced the implementation of Society 5.0 as the country’s digital transformation program.

By connecting Society 5.0 to the programs of SEELS, the equation result is the formulation of SEELS Teachers Academy to serve as an Education Technology (EdTech) social enterprise with dovetailed English 5.0 courses as its support to the country’s call for digital transformation.

It is also equal to the revision of SEELS Co., Ltd. mission and vision as well as the need in blending new courses dedicated to Generation Z, those born between 1994-2010, in order to help smoothen the local population’ understanding on Society 5.0 with English 5.0 language education popularization.


SEELS supports Society 5.0

through the integration of its current courses with the digital business transformation subjects that are referred to as English 5.0.

As part of SEELS EdTech branding, the SEELS Advanced 120 Hour Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages or TESOL serves a dedicated standard course aimed for students employment in public and private school. The SEELS TESOL 5.0 brand is to support the creation of new jobs and particularly aimed for serving the SEELS Japanese market. The outcomes are development of more English teaching employment opportunities for SEELS Teachers Academy students and graduates benefitting Japanese public.