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On its tenth year of training service and to further keep high the quality of teachers and schools education and standard, the Social Enterprise English Language School (SEELS) formed its Teachers Academy called SEELS-TA. SEELS-TA promotes Outcome-Based Education or OBE. OBE is an educational theory that bases each part of an educational system around goals (outcomes). Starting September 2015 SEELS-TA offers OBE diploma course on Montessori International Preschool Teacher with an end goal of producing licensed SEELS-Montessori English Phonics teachers and owners and managers of SEELS-Montessori English Phonics School and SEELS Montessori International Preschool. SEELS-TA OBE diploma program suits well the career transformation in teaching and school managerial developmental needs of Filipino migrant women and their children living in Japan.

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