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A Life-Changer Social Enterprise

After a period of time in English teachers training, it becomes essentially a tradition for a student of SEELS Teachers Academy to leave her former job to work as an English teacher. As a result, social impact follows to be felt. It is like rediscovering their own home where children have found new pride in.

realizing that their mother is now a teacher. Indeed, it helps in alleviating their family relations better than before


While walking on the street, children would call out to her as “sensei” or teacher making her valuable and her presence honorable. Best of all, she gains pride and dignity, her role as a migrant woman defined and, holds a respectable key profession contributory in building a multicultural Japanese society

As a result of over a decade of English teaching skills retooling, today, the social impact and success stories of the movement launched in 2006 – Uplifting the Lives, Transform the Image of Filipino Migrants in Japan

continuously unfold. In the same spirit of social movements, the SEELS Teachers Academy is inviting all to make its social enterprise even stronger. Let there be more who reap the benefits and hold SEELS flag higher – our life-changer banner.


SEELS Mission

Advancement of people’ first centered technology and English teaching access to success.


SEELS Mission

Foreign migrants' social inclusion access to an end-to-end touch point from training to employment success in English language education, childcare services, and Japanese Generation Z education.


Who are SEELS?

SEELS vision is to make a multicultural society where “learners and teachers of languages are happy”. In countries like Japan and Vietnam, where governments have legislated mandatory English language school curriculums in public schools, their policies are facing difficulties. Government school curriculums do not match the English learning programs provided by private companies and, thus, the learners and teachers of English are in an unsatisfactory situation.

To deliver an alternative, SEELS mission is to “provide high quality education and training” where English teachers are provided with new opportunities in an Outcome-Based Education (OBE) program to become Professional English Teachers with SEELS-OBE development program approach. Japan is one of the country signatories of the 1989 Washington Declaration that promote OBE.

A core element of SEELS objectives is to develop its OBE education platform until SEELS reaches the recognition and ability to operate as nearly as similar to a Semon Gakko or vocational college based on the specific characteristics and situations of its students and trainees who are mostly underprivileged foreign migrants – but also includes Japanese citizens. SEELS aims to deliver the highest professional English teacher training outcomes by providing high-level international education standards of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Language – or TESOL as it’s commonly called. It is on the above given rationale that the SEELS OBE-TESOL Professional License and International Certificate course has been crafted and implemented by SEELS as a registered limited company under the Tokyo Legal Affairs Bureau.

SEELS Teachers

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SEELS Teachers Academy is an educational institution for aspiring English educators led by Filipino Migrants in Japan that promotes OBE or Outcome-Based Education, an educational theory that bases each part of an educational system around goals (outcomes).


Officers and Faculty

On its tenth year of training service and to further keep high the quality of teachers and schools education and standard, the Social Enterprise English Language School (SEELS) formed its Teachers Academy called SEELS-TA.

  • Cesar V. Santoyo
  • Maiden Nakazawa
    Operation Officer
  • Adelfa Paires
  • Adelfa Paires
  • Adelfa Paires

We have one overriding goal : to ensure that you will be as fully prepared.