2021 Digital Transformation

2021 Digital Transformation (DX) Social Business Shift of SEELS Co., Ltd.



Digital transformation or DX will create millions of new jobs needing to be discovered. But, the necessary education that will build skills and knowledge for DX jobs creation is somewhat illusive in Japan as well as in other countries at present. Moreso, the lingua franca or the bridge language of the global DX is in English language. An extra barrier needing to overcome in order to reach the new job creation goals of the DX era.

DX also means that the children of today and the future will live in a digital world with values that never existed before. These digital natives will run robots that replace bank employees, city hall staff, taxi drivers, Uber food crew and more. Even English and other language teachers will be disrupted by more proficient AI robots who could teach grammar, lexis, and even correcting pronunciation. And yes, these AI robots can read your emotions where Siri and Alexa are to be trained soon.

With the intimidating digital technological development, indeed, in reality it has to be the people first and digital technology second. The people are a potent and decisive force with full liberty to find its digital tools for its own means of economic production as well as social and environmental relations. Education is the key for the people to claim its own rights in digital development.

To fill-in the gap between digital natives and the not so, between new DX technologies and people at large, and between digital native staff with the senior executives who are hesitant to management changes, the SEELS Co., Ltd. is transforming its social business organization starting 2021 focused on people's digital empowerment with the following features:

  • Digital transformation or DX courses as an option to those interested to become a DX Eikaiwa teacher. An additional branded course besides the on-going English language teacher legacy courses of SEELS.
  • From mostly foreign migrant students and graduates enrolled, the 2021 SEELS DX courses is targeting Japanese enrollees, especially from the Generation Z (born between 1997-2012) and downwards.
  • Organizationally, from Filipino led staff and volunteers, starting 2021 Seels will have more multinational staff and volunteers.
  • The live-online-classes will be expanded with contingent outsourced professional English teachers from the Philippines to conduct live online classes for Japanese and Vietnamese in Japan as well as in Vietnam.
  • The Builders of Own School and Support or BOSS who lead SEELS Montessori English Phonics School formation will share, collaborate and integrate the coordination of Seels Montessori International Preschool (MIP) and Seels DX International Elementary School (DXIES).

2021-2022 Goals and Objectives

SEELS Co., Ltd. is privately supporting and willing to collaborate with the Japanese government's call for digital transformation. Being part of the professionals and the academic global forum specialized on digital business transformation, where in fact holding academic ambassadorial positions to promote digital business transformation MBA in Japan and Asia, Seels has to take advantage of its position to lead and hold high the banner of DX English teaching programs. From this standpoint as a key, the Seels 2021-2022 program thrust were outlined as follows:

  • To establish in April 2022 the Seels DIXIES for children of foreign migrants. To fill the needed teachers for DIXIES, the new International Elementary School Teacher Diploma course or DC2 under SEELS Teachers Academy will be offered starting February 2021.
  • The SEELS Montessori International Preschool Teacher Diploma is now regarded as DC1. The graduates of which are eligible to teach in Seels Montessori International Preschool (to start the experimental operation by April 2021 in Waseda) and at SEELS Montessori English Phonics School.
  • SEELS TESOL or Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages have positioned itself as being the leading TESOL Provider for classroom and live online classes in Japan accredited by International Teaching English as a Foreign Language Accrediting Council (ITEFLAC).
  • Seels DX Eikaiwa will be offered to the Japanese public. To realize this goal the DX English teachers development will be initiated by SEELS Pro.
  • To support the development and operation of Seels DX Eikaiwa, the Digital Transformation Leadership Certificate Training Course will be offered. Included in the training course are digital marketing, e-commerce, gig economy, cyber security and others in order to develop contents and to familiarize DX Eikaiwa licensed teachers.
  • The Coding, Programming and Robotics (CoPRo) pilot program for 7-17 year old children is set to start by April 2021 side-by-side with other Seels programs and projects.
  • Outsource partnership development with Philippine based English teachers, NamViet Telecom and Vietnamese social media marketing team to carry out Japan-Philippine to Vietnam (JP2V) online live classes on TESOL, IELTS, DX Eikaiwa, English proficiency courses and Builders of Own School and Support (BOSS) for Vietnamese living in Japan and in Vietnam.
  • Share the blessings to Vietnam, Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia by giving scholarships in available online classes to less privileged living in the four recipient countries.

Work Culture and Ethics of a Social Enterprise Co-Worker

Robotics is ending the production-line mode of exploitative labor system and being replaced by Agile Team mode of production. Agile team originates from software development where the creativities of each team members are shared and collaborated for the project success.

In SEELS Agile Team members are expected to practice their own creativities for social enterprise beneficiaries enjoyment. Below is a simple work ethic of an agile team member and as a co-worker to follow and succeed.

  • Practice of culture of life-long learning and professional career development for better family life is the respective intrinsic and extrinsic motivation of all Agile Team members.
  • As such, to perform in its own job and avoid being spoon fed is a self responsibility of members for the team and for the whole social business organization's success.
  • Creativities are paid well while spoon fed work does not.
  • Each team member's shared and collaborated knowledge, abilities, skills and habits assures best personal and social benefits as an outcome from the collective efforts of SEELS Agile Teams.
  • A co-worker at SEELS is a member of one of the four Agile Teams namely: SEELS TA, BOSS, SEELS Pro and JP2V. Below is the SEELS Sharing and Collaboration Roadmap Chart for general reference.

2021-2022 SEELS TA Agile Team

To oversee, supervise, coordinate and put into the right directions is the overall task of the SEELS TA Agile Team. To perform such a duty it has to have sub-teams with a sub-team leader as a member of the agile team. The sub-teams are composed of the following:

  • Montessori International Preschool Teacher Diploma Course (DC1 Agile Team)
  • DX International Elementary School Teacher Diploma Course (DC2 Agile Team)
  • Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL Agile Team)
  • Introductory Course (IC Agile Team)

Agile team members prepare progress reports of the sub-team and discuss during SEELS TA Agile Team regular consultation, planning, assessment and evaluation. Overall assessment, evaluation and planning and programming are formulated by SEELS TA Agile Team.

Sub Teams of SEELS TA Agile Team

Membership is based on having a teaching position in any of the sub-teams and designated duties i.e. marketing.

Sub team members duties and responsibilities are:

  • Lesson plan preparations based on provided curriculum
  • Teaching workloads and teaching and event preparations
  • Schedules of classes
  • Participates in marketing events
  • Submit reports to SEELS TA Agile Team

DC1 Agile Team Member Duties and Responsibilities

  • Ensure the preparation of lesson plans that will deliver the best learning experience for every student.
  • To coordinate, cooperate, share and collaborate with co-teachers the best practices in classroom management.
  • To recommend and suggest solutions or alternatives to any arising concerns affecting students learning.
  • To ensure students course completion and to recommend candidates for graduation.
  • To help and initiate efforts in improving and further developing DC1 teaching curriculum, teaching materials, and classroom best practices.
  • To support in the marketing and promotion of DC1 and other SEELS TA courses.

DC2 Agile Team

The to be formed in early 2021 DC2 Agile team members are expected to contribute skills and knowledge in formulating curriculum, lesson plan making and classroom management on Montessori Lower and Higher Elementary Education and on DX courses. The team is the hope in training the first batch of the planned Seels DX International Elementary School.

Brief Program of DC2 Agile Team

Seels DX International Preschool and international elementary school where the Montessori lower and higher elementary courses were integrated with digital transformation technology courses suited for six to twelve years old. While the Montessori courses will be provided by teachers with a diploma on teaching lower and higher elementary teachers by an accredited Montessori center, all of the DX courses will be taught by DC2 graduates. English language literature, social studies, and environmental concerns are to be taken care of by Seels DX International Elementary School Teacher diploma and license holder.

DC2 Agile Team Duties and Responsibilities

  • To initiate activities on DC2 curriculum and module preparations and development.
  • To conduct research and studies on assigned curriculum and training module development of DC2 courses.
  • To be trained as a trainer of DC2 teachers.
  • To develop lesson plans, class activities, teaching materials for respective course classroom use.
  • To help and to support in DC2 marketing development and promotion.

TESOL Agile Team

SEELS TESOL is one of the important tool for English teaching of SEELS TA. Communicative Language Teaching and the Five Step Lesson Plan making are important methods employed in SEELS schools besides the issued certificate is well accepted by English teaching institutions.

As part of regularizing SEELS programs and staff, the TESOL Agile Team was formed to further develop and promote the course in Japan and in Vietnam.

SEELS TESOL Agile Team Duties and Responsibilities

  • To organize TESOL training programs and schedules.
  • Ensure the preparation of lesson plans that will deliver the best learning experience for every student.
  • To coordinate, cooperate, share and collaborate with co-teachers the best practices in classroom management.
  • To recommend and suggest solutions or alternatives to any arising concerns affecting students learning.
  • To ensure students course completion and to recommend candidates for graduation.
  • To help and initiate efforts in improving and further developing TESOL teaching curriculum, teaching materials, and classroom best practices.
  • To support in the marketing and promotion of DC1 and other SEELS TA courses.

IC Agile Team

The Introductory Course or IC in the past is the biggest monthly earner and yet there was no effort to systematize IC marketing and facilitation. With the introduction of DC2 and DX International Elementary School (DXIES) enhancing IC content, upgrading the facilitation methods and to further promote and develop new market is needed. Thus, the IC Agile Team was formed.

IC Agile Team Member Duties and Responsibilities

  • To organize TESOL training programs and schedules.
  • Ensure the preparation of lesson plans that will deliver the best learning experience for every student.
  • To coordinate, cooperate, share and collaborate with co-teachers the best practices in classroom management.
  • To recommend and suggest solutions or alternatives to any arising concerns affecting students learning.
  • To ensure students course completion and to recommend candidates for graduation.
  • To help and initiate efforts in improving and further developing TESOL teaching curriculum, teaching materials, and classroom best practices.
  • To support in the marketing and promotion of DC1 and other SEELS TA courses.

Having said, Seels DX International Elementary School Teacher diploma course or the second diploma course is referred to as the DC2. DC1 refers to SEELS Montessori International Preschool Teacher with over 500 graduates as of 2020.

DC1 is not a requirement in taking DC2 but the SEELS Advanced 120 Hour Classroom TESOL (classroom and online live classes) certificate is required plus six months of teaching practicum in order to become eligible and be employed in SEELS DXIES a total of two years studies and training is needed. The courses include twelve (12) months DC2, five (5) monthsTESOL and six-month teaching practicum. Option is available to accelerate the course within over a year.

The establishment of DXIES targeted to be inaugurated by April 2022 is in sharing and collaboration development with the following School Board Members (SBM):

  • Nguyen Thi Ngoc, Le Thi Thuy, Vu The Tho, Tran Thanh Song, Le Thi Hai Yen, SEELS Vietnam Bilingual Montessori Preschool (Vietnam, Haiphong City)
  • Jun and Cathy Tan, Golden Mind Achievers International School (Okinawa)
  • Pradip Thapa, Harmony Preschool International (Tokyo, Taito-ku)
  • Beena Mistry, Directres, SEELS Montessori International Preschool (Tokyo, Shinjuku-ku, Nishiwaseda)
  • Cristeta Matsumoto, Owner and Teacher, Mobara SEELS Montessori English Phonics School (Chiba-Ken, Mobarra Shi)
  • Noemi Esaki, Owner and Teacher, Gifu SEELS Montessori English Phonics School (Gifu Ken, Tajimi Shi)
  • Rej Padua, SEELS Teachers Academy
  • Erwin Brunio, SEELS Teachers Academy
  • Butch Booth, SEELS Teachers Academy
  • Gerry L. Rivas, SEELS Teachers Academy
  • Adelfa Pairez, Dean Emeritus, SEELS Teachers Academy
  • Cesar Santoyo, President, SEELS Co. Ltd.
  • Daichi Hasegawa, DXIS SBM Executive Secretary

The SEELS Teachers Academy Agile Teams


  • To produce at least fifty DC2 graduates and licensed to teach in SEELS DXIES set for April 2022.
  • To test-run DC2 curriculum with quarterly or bi-annual assessment and evaluation. Syllabus is available in SEELS temporary website: https://seels.co.jp/seels-dx- international/
  • To ensure having half of the DC2 graduates pass the licensure requirements.

Implementation Plans

  • Formalization of SEELS TA Agile Team with committed members representing the task in providing IC, DC1 DC2, CoPRo, TESOL and Secretariat staff.
  • Work on the details of plans and programs.

BOSS Agile Team

Operations of SEELS Montessori International School

Project Description and Details

The SEELS Montessori International Preschool (MIP) to be inaugurated in April 2021 is a pilot and experimental project under the BOSS Agile Team. The aim is to build the connection from SEELS Montessori English Phonics School (MEPS) program in transition to progress in MIP as the professional career path of teachers and school owners under SEELS BOSS program.

At the same time the MEPS and MIP will serve as the practicum and laboratory school for internship of DC1 students as required in order to receive the diploma and license as SEELS Montessori International Preschool Teacher.


  • To put into practice all the theoretical studies in DC1 into a working and publicly acceptable SEELS Montessori International Preschool.
  • To draw-up the lessons learned through quarterly assessment and evaluation.
  • To share the learning journey and important experiences to BOSS team members and to all BOSS stakeholders.

Implementation Plans

  • Formalize the membership of BOSS Agile Team composed of representatives of BOSS teachers and MEPS owners.
  • Hold the planning session to outline a year of BOSS Agile Team programs and activities.
  • To hold bi-annual assessment and evaluation and to gain lessons learned and good practices.

Digital Transformation (DX) Leadership Courses and DX Eikaiwa Marketing

Project Description and Details

Reaching out the Japanese Generation Z and the Alpha's but not limited to include half Japanese-Filipino and native Filipinos living in Japan are the targeted market and recipients of SEELS Pro training. Offering education and training on enabling technologies under digital transformation is somewhat rare to find where the program aims to fill the vacuum. The outcomes are students DIY's project as a means to prepare and provide digital transformation choices of technologies for future jobs in Japan's Society 5.0.

The Digital Transformation (DX) Leadership Courses are based on formal academic research and studies professionally compiled and designed based on Japanese environment and people's ecosystem. The teaching and learning materials were prepared in an easy to understand technological concepts and terminologies. At the end of the training course the students will be able to pursue their digital transformation journey as an enthusiast going pro and as DX Eikaiwa teacher.

Online learning platform developed by NamViet Telecom, the TranS App and LMS, will be utilized for teaching and learning activities. Teachers training in using the online utilities will be provided side-by-side with DX technologies initially in classroom setup.


  • To offer professionally designed academic based courses on DX for teachers training for both classroom based and live online classes.
  • To produce well satisfied trained DX teachers who will in return provide the best DX Eikaiwa learning experience to their students.
  • To launch SEELS DX Eikaiwa online platform for teachers and students easy access to DX English courses.
  • Create alternative income opportunities with a competitive edge for SEELS students and graduates.
  • To promote lifelong learning and continuing professional development in the field of DX technologies.

Implementation Plans

  • Regularization of SEELS Pro Agile Team for the effective implementation of DX Leadership Course and related subjects i.e. Digital Marketing, Gig Economy and more.
  • To develop and strengthen the support and cooperation with NamViet Telecom for the efficient utilization of DX Eikaiwa Online Platform with TranS App and LMS.
  • To build a wider student base among GenZ and the Alpha's.
  • Holding of regular planning and bi-monthly assessment and evaluation.

JP2V Online Live Online English Classes

Project Description and Details

Accelerating the provision of having a long bench of professional English teachers is the felt need in Creating JP2V project. Therefore the invitation to Philippine based online English teachers to join SEELSJ P2V programs is up in the air. Among the JP2V project goals is to share professional skills and abilities to Vietnamese living in Japan and in Vietnam.

Vietnam is in the natural ecosystem of SEELS where SEELS Vietnam is operating. The JP2V project will supplement the cooperation and support between SEELS teams in two countries especially in areas of professional teachers needs and demands. But unlike the regular SEELS Japan courses with a teacher facilitating, the JP2V is a team composed of the main SEELS teacher and a Vietnamese Assistant Teacher in physical classroom or in live online classes. The other difference is that the Vietnamese Assistant Language Teachers are Japan based.

There are peculiarities of English language needs between Vietnam and Japan where the former have higher demand for taking IELTS and the latter are giving Montessori preschool diploma courses, TESOL and DX Eikaiwa. There are also Vietnamese living in Japan who are looking towards English language teaching as a step-up profession that SEELS Japan caters with.

Overall, the SEELS 'solution is to offer an interconnected English language course for Vietnamese with outsourced English teachers from the Philippines and supported by Japan based Vietnamese Assistant Teachers to support SEELS two countries initiative. Need to say is that the JP2V programs and activities like BOSS as one example will be implemented both in Japan and Vietnam bearing the same outcomes and social benefits.


  • To provide high quality English language education and training for the best customer experience of Vietnamese in living Japan and and in Vietnam with the following courses:



    English Proficiency courses on speaking and listening

    English Aptitude Qualification Reference for Speakers of Other Languages (EAQSOL) for job and services applications to hotels, restaurants, travel, and for 2021 Tokyo Olympics and paralympics (in Japan)

  • To build the 3-country JP2V teamwork and cooperative efforts in marketing, maintaining students satisfaction level, and teachers continuing skills development for sustained English language social business in Vietnam.
  • To develop the team's skills in implementing omni-channel marketing (social media, apps, LMS, email campaign and others) to a very satisfactory level.
  • To develop linkages to educational institutions for the delivery of JP2V social business responsibility in providing scholarship to less privileged students in Vietnam (one scholar for every 12 enrolled students of a given course i.e. IELTS and TESOL).

The JP2V Agile Team

Invited team members are:

  • Japan based: Butch, Sarah, Tin, and Momo
  • Philippine Based: Gheng (Caesar's niece) and Grace, Jhoyce and Justin, Emy, Katrina Dalacat.
  • Vietnam: NamViet Telecom ? Song san

Agile Team Job Description

  • The JP2V Agile Team is responsible to report its activities, concerns, timesheet/payslips, and others to Seels Headquarters Office.
  • Agile Team Leader (ATL) is appointed by the Office of Seels President and Assistant Team Leader (ATAL) is nominated by the ATL.

Members Roles, Duties and Responsibilities

Implementation Plans

Boss Code of Professional Ethics

  • Professional practitioner of scientific education foundation and philosophies,.
  • Adherence to self discovery, self-sufficiency, not to be spoon-fed, and explorer of natural creativities.
  • Continuing professional abilities in finance and resource management.
  • Practices of sharing and collaboration growth strategy and to be cleansed away in any forms racism, discrimination and shades of "crab-mentality".
  • In a life-long learning of technology, arts, culture and physical and mental health.