Computer and Digital Business Course

Computer Mastery Leading to Digital Entrepreneurship

Course Description

This course covers 24 hours of training workshop enabling endless peer-to-peer practical exercises in mastering the personal computer, aimed towards gaining skills in digital entrepreneurship. To achieve the set objectives, the training content-design includes the following:

How do I plan a lesson?
Computer hardware functions and maintenance
Operating System and File Management.
Familiarity to Advance Use of the Internet.
Essential Software Program Based on Application Needs and Interest.
Computer and Software Applications to Enable Entrepreneurial Startup.
Computer Master Introduction to Digital Marketing and Digital Business.
Introduction to Digital Marketing and Digital Business.

This training course designed and written based on the demonstrated level of computer skills and usage of over 200 SEELS Diploma Course and TESOL students in the past three years. Inspired by how this computer training course empowers in transforming Filipinos in Japan, the computer mastery outcomes are aimed to start digital business and social entrepreneurship.