Discover your passion to teach professionally and learn the magnificence of empowering each other

The Social Enterprise English Language School or SEELS offers highly motivated individual to teach, learn and grow as certified English teacher in Japan. We welcome inquisitive to teach English language professionally


World Class Training Curriculum and Materials

The accreditation of SEELS Vietnam Montessori Bilingual School from Montessori Institute of America clearly states the quality results of SEELS school curriculum and program.


Twelve Years of English Teachers Training

SEELS early years of formation is traceable since May 26-29, 2006 when the very first training of the Community and Home-Based English Teaching or CHOBET was initiated. Watch the Video


Job Placement and Self-Employment Opportunities

We have partnership with a job placement agency, Enclave Japan, who assist and help to process our students in preparing for job application up to eventual job hiring.


World Class Faculty

Our teachers have Doctorate and Masters degree. Others are those enrolled students of SEELS Teachers Academy who stand out with good performance and passion from the ranks of our classroom program and activities.

Montessori International Preschool Course

TESOL Professional License

Computer and Digital Business Course

Seels Special Courses

Licensed SEELS Schools

Licensed Teachers

We have one overriding goal: to ensure that you will be as fully prepared.